My first online store was hosted on Storenvy about 3-4 years ago. It was under the moniker Mon Amie, which is a play on my last name, Riri Mon. As a fun throwback to my e-commerce start, I've created these three little creatures based off that old store name. Here is Momo (the rabbit), Nana (the cat), and Mimi (the bear).

What does Mon Amie mean?
It is french for "my friend". It refers to a female friend specifically (Mon Ami is for guys) but that wasn't really an important detail. I just really enjoyed the idea of making friends through my love of making stuff.

Are they all girls?
Did you just assume my mascots' genders?? Joking aside, their names sound effeminate, but it's mostly due to my half-baked effort to make the parts of Mo/Na/Mie sound like actual names.

Can I draw fan art of your mascots?
Ok no one has actually asked this. But if that one person is reading this, then please, BY ALL MEANS, I would love fan art of my children. Tweet at me @ririFM or tag me on instagram, riri.mon!

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